About Us

At S.A.M.E. Dredging, our passion for the protection and preservation of water is evident in our ability to deliver a consistent world-class standard of service, using only the best machinery suited to specific project needs.

In some instances, our dredging services are deployed to reduce the exposure of fish, wildlife and people to contaminants and to prevent the spread of contaminants to other areas of the water body. This environmental dredging is necessary because sediments in and around industrial areas are frequently contaminated with a variety of pollutants introduced to waterways from point sources such as sewer overflows, municipal and industrial discharges or spills.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be South Africa and Africa's dredging partner of choice as a team of qualified, experienced, efficient and eco-responsive professionals.

Our Mission

  • Deliver a consistent world-class standard of dredging services
  • Be known for and relied upon for our track record as the preferred partner in the recovery of water capacity
  • Play an active role in South Africa's skills pool in the water industry.



We Have A Great Team

Justin Time


Batmo Biel

Senior Engineer