S.A.M.E Dredging

With 2019 conquered, our vision is 2020

We owe credit to our hard-working and dedicated team who have helped achieve these results and will continue to hold ourselves to our commitment to keeping delivering high-quality dredging equipment and service excellence to our clients.

ClientProject DescriptionContract Value
Ambatovy MineDredging of the CCD Pond$160 310.00
MoletenareMonthly Rental of the Atlantis DredgerR507 677.56
Booysendal MineTraining & Dredger Operator RentalR210 149.31
Ambatovy MineDredging of the Reclaim pond $183 316.01
Sishen MineDredging of 7 740m3 from the JIG plant process damsR509 432.41
Nkomati Mine Nkomati Ness Dredger upgrade to remote w/o PLC control systemR176 784.21
Mondi Richards BaySurvey and dredging of 10 000m3 & 8 400m3 from process damsR2 088 185.82
Fisantekraal WWTWDredging of 2300m3 and 4220m3 from the settling pondR278 012.04
Booysendal MineProof of concept and purchasing of a Dredging UnitR2 413 942.00

As much as this is a great time for celebration, it is also an important time to regroup, reflect and reset. We look forward to continuing our legacy as one of the top dredging equipment manufacturers in Southern Africa!

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