S.A.M.E Dredging: dredging services South Africa

SAME Dredging has specialized dredging services South Africa and up into Africa. Hydraulic Dredging is the removal of sediment from a pond or reservoir, without having to isolate the reservoir or stopping the treatment. with minimal disruption to the operations and infrastructure of the plant in order to increase dam capacity. We offer full turnkey services from site analysis to removal of silt/sand or similar, de-watering of waste and removal of dry waste.

Typical Applications include Canals, Lakes, Ponds Lagoons, Mine Tailings, Water Treatment Plants, Inland Marina Harbors and Golf Resorts to name a few.

Dredger Types: Dredging Services South Africa 

SAME Dredging has several types of Hydraulic dredging equipment for specif­c dredging service applications and reservoir size. The main structure of a dredger is the floating pontoons, sludge scraper, and hydraulic pump arm is constructed with quality components (structural steel) for dependable, easy operation and long term use.

The equipment utilizes electric or diesel power, manned or semi-manned, computer or manual controls. The dredger arm reaches down to the sludge level at the bottom of the reservoir, where the sediment will be pumped to shore through a ‑floating hose assembly. The sludge, as well as the water, will then be processed for further separation i.e. Gravity Filter Bags, Drying Beds. The pumping action will empty the reservoir, therefore, on-going reservoir water feed is critical. The unit will travel slowly in a forward and reverse motion so as not to re-suspend settled solids. A cabling anchoring system will be fastened temporarily to the edge of the water body that will allow it to navigate the unit to reach the sediment throughout the pond.

Electric Dredgers

The operation is either remotely on shore and/or manually on board – forward and reverse travel, and side to side lateral movements can be automated by a steel rail system located on the ends of the water body. The Remote Control can be automated with a PLC (programmable logic controller). The PLC is programmed to provide control over the automated functions, and control loops of the dredger, minimizing labor and maximizing production of solids at a set low rate.

Diesel Dredgers

The Diesel Dredger includes an industrial diesel powered hydraulic power unit, throttle controlled, the hydrostatic high-pressure circuit which drives a submersible hydro-solids pump with a maximum 150mm solids handling capacity. Direct driven, hydraulic function circuits are used for the horizontal auger head and triple sheave traverse winch drive, and auger head cylinder controlled elevation linkage are independent and electronically controlled. The floatation system is manufactured from baffled steel (3mm) pontoons, filled with 1kg density foam and matched with a heavy duty structural steel frame this is then coated with epoxy paint. A comfortable heated operator cab includes instrumentation components and controls on all circuits.

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