Pithog 40 Electric Unit (380V or 525V)

The Pithog 40E dredging unit is capable of pumping approx. 250m³/hr of wet sediment/sediment slurry: Sand slurry at SG 1.3 and Organic slurry at an SG of 1.05. Power is supplied via an ‘umbilical line’ that is tethered to the discharge pipe from shore and the unit is remotely controlled.

  • The dredger arm extends 4.5m below the water level and has an additional feature “Bottom sense” which senses when the liner protection wheels touch the pond’s liner. Also Auto Forward and Reverse is a feature that allows the system to run forward and backwards and switch off in the starting position. The unit is approx. 2.6m wide and 7.5m long, weighing in at around 3 ton.Electric Driven 40HP (30kW) submersible slurry pump
  • 204 m3/hr against 15.24 m Head
  • 42 m3/hr of Production at 30% solids content. Results may vary.