Ness Mach 1

Ness Mach 1 is capable of pumping approximately 200 m³/hr. of wet sediment/sediment slurry: Sand slurry at S.G. 1,3 and Organic slurry at S.G. of 1,05. Power for the unit is supplied via an umbilical line that is tethered to the discharge pipe from the shore and floats on the water body using flotation buoys. The unit can be remotely controlled from the shore or by an operator onboard the unit.

In addition, the Ness Mach 1 unit has an automatic run feature which allows the system to run forward and backwards while continuing to dredge fully automatically and switch off after a pre-specified time.

The dredging arm extends 4.5m below the water level and has cover bars around the cutting head to prevent the cutter from touching the pond’s liner. The slurry pump is a centrifugal submersible electrically powered 22kW pump. The onboard mechanisms of the unit are hydraulically driven and the hydraulic power pack is powered by a 5.5kW electric motor.

  • Pump 22kW 1460rpm 525 Volt 50Hz
  • Max flow 60 l/s @ 26m head
  • Max head 40m head @ 8.5 l/s