Mudcat 727 Diesel Dredger Unit

The MUDCAT 727 dredging unit is capable of pumping approximately 330-500m³/hr of wet sediment/sediment slurry. Sand slurry at SG 1.4 and Organic slurry at a SG of 1.08.This Unit features a 225 HP diesel-powered power unit and a hydrostatic high-pressure circuit to drive a submersible pump equipped with a centrifugal vortex style impeller passing 6-inch solids.

Principal features include fingertip controls for travel and pump speed, a shrouded horizontal auger head for minimum turbidity, a triple sheaved traverse winch, and cylinder controlled elevation linkage for the auger head.

  • The dredger arm extends 4.5m below the water. Lowering the water level can be an option to achieve deeper dredging depths. The unit is approx. 2.6m wide and 8.5m long, weighing in at around 7 tons. The pump is driven by a Hydraulic motor.
  • 453 m3/hr against 36.57 m Head
  • 95 m3/hr of Production at 30% solids content. Results may vary.