Geotube® Bags

Essentially a large ‘de-watering’ bag, Geotube®’s dewatering units are geosynthetic containers, made of high tensile woven polypropylene. The special fabric of Geotube® units allows for the retention of consolidated valuable nutrients and the dispersal of clear effluent. The Geotube® technology boasts a proven track record in effective dewatering and filtration for lagoons, municipal sludge, and raw seepage.

Advantages of Geotube® dewatering units:

  • Recovery of valuable materials (mining industry)
  • High volume containment
  • Decrease the footprint to contain sludger
  • Opportunity to spread project costs over several years
  • Rapid flow-through rate
  • Drastic reduction in disposal cost
  • Lower capital cost
  • Simplicity
  • Conserves water

The Geotube® technology works by allowing sludge to be filtered through the unique dual filament polypropylene fabric while retaining solids. As the slurry is pumped into a Geotube ® unit, the process mostly requires added chemicals to improve dewatering. The addition of the polymer to the sludge is necessary to flocculate the sludge and allow the Geotube® technology to dewater as effectively as possible.Geotube® units are durable and can be stacked to maximize space, or fabricated to fit in mobile roll-off containers which can be transported around a property or location. The unit comes in sizes to contain 100m 3 to 500m 3 of wet sediment slurry or sludge.